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The Importance of Self-Discipline

From time-to-time a really great quote will inspire me to write a post about a particular topic, today is one of those days. I posted it up on our Facebook Community Page as well as instagram because I feel it's a good reminder.
Sometimes in our daily life, we get so caught up just doing the things that we ought to do such as go to work, clean our house, take care of the kids, prepare meals, run errands, pay bills, etc., that we don't always put in the kind of time into our true goals and dreams that we wish we did. Other times the reason why we don't tackle them is because of fear and lack of self-discipline.

This is such a great quote that I've never thought about in this exact way. Not that we go out seeking pain in life but ultimately we must decide to follow one path or the other. Nothing comes easy, we must either CHOOSE to work hard towards achieving our biggest dreams OR forever live with the ache of regret at not taking a chance or attempting to achieve our goal…

Sunday's Thought....Be Discerning!

Sunday's Thought....In order to survive and thrive we must be people of sound judgement and also discernment. Whom we choose to associate with is very important whether they be a life partner, a friend, a neighbor, etc. We can interact with all people, help them, minister to them, be a blessing to them. However, in terms of close relationships and those we regularly invite into our inner circle, we must ask ourselves if they align with our life values, attitude and faith just as much as they align with our personal interests as our environment has an influence on us. 
It is our responsibility to be discerning. We are reminded..."But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil." ~1 Thessalonians 5:21-22
I shared today's post on our Facebook Community Page as well as Instagram. If you're not following along there, I'd love to see you there! :)
Thanks for Reading and have a Blessed Sunday!


Long Distance Love & Parenting Solo

There are so many things swirling around my head at the moment and there are as many titles I could have given this post. I'm really not sure where to begin. I've wanted to sit down and write a post for a few days now. Partially for you-my readers, as I promised I would once I was ready and partly for myself to just see my current reality typed out before me.

If you follow along via Facebook, you saw me post about some big changes our family is going through at the moment. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words (without even knowing the details of what's taking place over here). My friends and family have been truly supportive and I'm so grateful to have so many people who care in my life.

The long and short of it is my husband has moved over 7,500 miles away and I've essentially become a single parent literally overnight as of last Saturday at 4 a.m., as Lily and I dropped him off at the airport, tears flooding my eyes with a lump in my throat. Listening to t…

7 Tips for Buying a New Car

I don't think I've shared this before so it may come as a surprise to most of you, but before I began my Interior Design company and this blog, I was a New Car Sales Associate for an Acura dealership back home in Toronto. I had been in sales for years after graduating from College and among a Telecommunications Sales and Software Sales career, I also sold cars. It's funny because whenever I used to even think of possibly buying or leasing a car, it felt exciting but daunting at the same time. Most people who worked at a dealership I found to be a bit slick and just looking to earn a commission, sometimes at any cost.

My goal was to sell as many cars as I could being myself making the relationship priority, I wanted my customers to feel they could trust me and that I wouldn't steer them in the wrong direction for the sake of a paycheck. Being the only female at an all-male dealership was an interesting experience to say the least and I'll be honest, given that it was…