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Passport Reissue Documents

Passport Reissue What is passport reissue? The Passport office usually has two main issuing functions – they either issue out new passports or reissue an old passport. For instance, If a citizen of any country has ever been issued a passport before, (No matter how long ago it was or whether the passport was used or not) to either replace the passport or get new booklet, he or she can only re-apply under the “reissue” category. All passports expire. These passports remain valid until the date of expiry after which they become inadmissible for travel purposes or as legal means of identification. Why would I need to a reissue of my old passport? Apart from the passport being expired, there are several other reasons why an individual may want his/her passport reissued, they include: Change in personal information: Changes to personal information displayed on passport like: ·Name: maybe because of marriage, or wrong spelling, or printing errors. ·Date of birth: Mainly due to mistakes, mismatch or mi…