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Passport Reissue Documents

Passport Reissue  
What is passport reissue?
The Passport office usually has two main issuing functions – they either issue out new passports or reissue an old passport.
For instance, If a citizen of any country has ever been issued a passport before, (No matter how long ago it was or whether the passport was used or not) to either replace the passport or get new booklet, he or she can only re-apply under the “reissue” category.
All passports expire. These passports remain valid until the date of expiry after which they become inadmissible for travel purposes or as legal means of identification.
Why would I need to a reissue of my old passport?
Apart from the passport being expired, there are several other reasons why an individual may want his/her passport reissued, they include:
Change in personal information:
Changes to personal information displayed on passport like:
·         Name: maybe because of marriage, or wrong spelling, or printing errors.
·         Date of birth: Mainly due to mistakes, mismatch or misprint made on the passport or the birth certificate.
·         Address: Due to change of address, mistake, misprint, spelling error, etc.
Used up pages:
·         Any passport that has all its pages filled out with stamps or inoculation certificates, etc. this means that the booklet has been exhausted and can no longer be used for travel.
·         Once this happens, the passport holder is to request for a reissue of his/her passport and even a booklet with higher number of pages (60 page booklet)
Damaged passport:
·         If for any reason the passport is disfigured or damaged, the holder must apply for a reissue and will make sure return the old booklet to the passport office.
·         Even when damage is very minimal, such that the embossed logo on the passport cover, the printed details, the stamps or the certificates inside the passport are still very much readable, we still recommend that the holder applies to get a reissue.
·         Passports with any defect, no matter how small can cause a lot of embarrassment for the individual while travelling or when using it as a means of identification.
·         Damage in this context may imply spilling of liquid on the passport booklet which obscure information makes printed texts unclear.
Lost Passport:
·         If a passport holder misplaces his passport booklet, he/she must first of all file an FIR at the local police station. He will then take a copy of this FIR and submit alongside an application for reissue at the Passport Office.
·         The passport owner can suffer great losses his identity is stolen as a result lost passport.
·         These cases are often treated as matters of National security because terrorists can use these lost passports to impersonate themselves as citizens.
·         The owner of the lost or stolen passport must immediately report to the police department before going to the Passport Office.
·         If the passport was misplaced or stolen abroad, the owner should her country’s embassy or post in that country and report the incidence.
Validity due to expire / or has expired within 3 years ago:
·         Passport holders should apply for reissue if old passports have expired less than 3 years ago or will be expiring in less than a year or so.
·         Validity periods for passports reissued before the old booklet expires will usually be for a longer period of time.
·         After expiration of the passport, but less than 3 years after, the passport holder can use the same process to apply for a reissue.
·         If however 3 years have passed, then the holder must use a different process to apply for a new  passport, which is:
Validity expired over 3 years ago:
·         If the passport has expired for over 3 years, the holder must use a different process to apply for a reissue.
·         Passport reissue can also be seen as being an extension of the validity of a passport to be used for travel or as a means of identification.
Passport Reissue Documents
Outlined below is a list of statutory documents that you are to present when applying for a passport reissue. The Passport Office may however demand additional documentation depending on situation they are dealing with;
1.      Proof of Identity: A legally acceptable document which contains your personal details like; your name, contact details e.t.c, appearing as it is on all other official records and as you will want it on your passport.
2.      Proof of Age: A legally acceptable document that corroborates the applicant’s name and also contains his/her date of birth. Presenting a birth certificate will usually serve the purpose.
3.      Proof of Address: : A legally acceptable document that confirms the applicants place of residence as it is mentioned in his application form.
4.      Passport Photographs: PSKs would usually have cameras meant to take passport photographs of applicants installed, however, you may still be asked to provide 2 recent passport photographs of yourself.
5.      Former booklet: Passport offices will usually demand that the applicant return his / her old or expired or damaged booklet.
6.      Self-attested copy of first and last pages of booklet: The applicant must submit alongside his application for reissue, the first two and last two pages of the former booklet which must be self-attested by him.
7.      Letter of Appointment with PSK: A printout of the final page of the online booked appointment that confirms payment, date and time of appointment with the PSK should be brought along
Police Verification before Reissue
As soon as the application is received, the Passport Office makes on whether the case would need Police Verification or not, if it does; then they will determine if its pre or post police verification in passport.
For instance, if the applicant’s personal details such as, name and address e.t.c. has not changed in the new issue, that means the Passport Office may be needing only a post-Police Verification.
However, if the application is bearing a different name or address, the Passport Office will be performing a pre-Police Verification so as to validate the details that have been provided by the applicant.
This decision is made based on the Passport Office’s records, and also the availability of all that is needed to perform the necessary verification (depending on the number of applications the office has received).
The exceptions to the different types of Police Verification exercise that will be decided by the Passport Office in cases of reissue will be based mainly on whether it is:
·         It is a case of lost or misplaced or stolen passport or;
·         It is a case of change in the personal details of holder.